We welcome you to our nail spa, a place where you find your own style and define true beauty. There are many different ways to express your unique personality, and you can find them all here with us at our nail spa! At Magic Nail Spa, the possibilities are endless when it comes to creating a look that is truly yours. Whether you’re searching for something bold or simple, artistic or elegant – we have everything that can always suit your needs.

What we can offer

We feel that the well-being and style of our customers come first. By providing high-quality spa chairs, as well as sanitized instruments, we can assure you a safe and comfortable experience every time. Furthermore, to give the best nail services, our technicians are qualified and experienced professionals who have worked with nails for more than ten years. They can assure the quality of their work and create a relaxing atmosphere for you during your visit.

Put your style into action

Magic Nail Spa prides itself on delivering a wide range of nail styles for all occasions. We offer services such as manicures, pedicures, and waxing to cater to your needs. We also provide you with the latest trends in beauty care so that you can always feel confident about yourself no matter where life takes you.

You've just found it!

You can find us right on Highway 192 next door to Fiesta Azteca Crystal Buffet Hibachi & Grill and Pho Viet Noodle! There is nothing quite like the Magic Nail Spa for those who want to pamper themselves while enjoying the food next door.