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Get your nails done for great mood. Simple pleasures can make your week, not just day.


Regular pedicure for basic nails caring and cuticles grooming and with soften calluses treatment, with orange jelly scrub, mini hot-stone orange lotion massage and relaxation hot towel wraps
This is the perfect pedicure treatment for those with a hectic schedule. Also, this service provides vital steps to well maintained feet. Package includes:

  • Nail trimming & shaping
  • Orange jelly scrub
  • Cuticle grooming
  • Light callus treatment
  • Mini hot stone orange lotion massage
  • Hot towel wrapping

Extra Paraffin $5 – Gel polish $15

Please choose one of these scents: Jasmine, Pearl or Lavender
A deluxe pedicure starts with Sea salt soaks for refresh, clean and firm skin. Sugar scrub refines and revitalizes epidermis. Mud mask nourishes and tightens skin. Butter massage moisturizes and relieves skin from dryness

  • Sea salt soak
  • Sugar Scrub
  • Mud Mask
  • Butter Massage
  • Hot stone massage
  • Hot towel wrapping

Extra Paraffin $5 – Gel polish $15

Coffee sugar scrub and coffee mask benefit for fighting skin problems thanks to caffeine such as cellulite and dry skin. In addition, with fresh veggies massage of your choice: cucumber or aloe vera to moisturize skin and provide the sense of freshness with lavender oil massage to relieves stress


  • Coffee sugar scrub
  • Cucumber or aloe vera mask massage
  • Coffee mask
  • Lavender Oil massage
  • Hot stone massage
  • Hot towel wrapping

Extra Paraffin $5 – Gel polish $15

Please choose one of these scents: Jasmine, Pearl or Lavender
Signature pedicure with tropical bath bomb giving bath feeling for your feet and releases stress. Organic mint sugar scrub exfoliates for smooth and polished skin. Organic mask wraps with towel moisturizes and softens skin. Extended massage with candle oil relieves stress and increases circulation with hot stone and hot towel


  • Tropical bath bomb
  • Organic sugar scrub
  • Organic mask
  • Candle oil massage
  • Hot towel wrapping

Extra Paraffin $5 – Gel polish $15


Provides essential care to your hands. Package includes:
  • Nail trimming & shaping
  • Cuticle grooming
  • Mini hand massage
  • Warm towel
Regular polish $20 | Gel polish $35
The ultimate pampering for your tired hands.
  • Nail trimming & shaping
  • Cuticle grooming
  • Mini hand massage
  • Warm towel
  • Paraffin wax

Regular polish $30 | Gel polish $45

About Us Nails salon in Melbourne, FL 32904

We welcome you to our nail spa, a place where you find your own style and define true beauty. There are many different ways to express your unique personality, and you can find them all here with us at our nail spa! At Magic Nail Spa (Nails salon 32904), the possibilities are endless when it comes to creating a look that is truly yours. Whether you're searching for something bold or simple, artistic or elegant - we have everything that can always suit your needs.

Our Story

At Magic Nails & Spa (Nails salon in Melbourne, FL 32904) We understand how important it is to have beautiful nails. That's why we are want to take action, step by step, to help you achieve your nail goals. This is a nail spa that understands the value of taking care of yourself and appreciates the need for a little pampering now and then. We love nail art as much as you do! As professionals, we make sure to provide a relaxing environment with excellent customer service and quality workmanship.

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At Magic Nail Spa (Nails salon in Melbourne) – We offer creative and stylish manicures, pedicures, and nail care treatments. We are a new nail art salon with a talent for creating the perfect look for you. Our talented team of nail technicians will customize your nail experience to suit your needs. We offer acrylic nails, gel nails, and nail art services at affordable prices without sacrificing quality.


By way of referral from my new neighbor, went to Magic for a mani/pedi. Very pleased! Such a pleasant experience. The technician did a great job. She trimmed and shaped my nails the way I like it. Relaxing arm and neck massage and a nice leg and foot massage. This is my new nail salon in Melbourne!
Kay W
I have been going to this nail salon for years and the reason is simple, great customer service! I don't lose nails at all, it's a very clean place, professional, and most of all she cares.
Holly Nicholas
I was so unhappy where I was going and overcharged! Now That I Found Magic Nails by Julie I felt like family there I got treated with respect I had so much fun and I LOVE MY NAILS! This place is highly recommended by me
Alysia C
Julie is amazing i have been going to her for years and how well she shape my nails ugh she is just great!!
Emily Perez